ArchLabs Linux

ArchLabs Linux is an Arch Linux based distro, heavily influenced and inspired by the look and feel of BunsenLabs.

The more we used BunsenLabs the more we wanted the simplicity that they brought to the table on our Arch install.

After much discussion, ArchLabs was born.

We tried to keep the look of BunsenLabs as much as possible in the first months but as we progressed along the way we developed our own style and look.  No longer is ArchLabs a BunsenLabs clone, we are our own beast now.

As we are based on Arch Linux rather than Debian, there are bound to be subtle differences between Bunsen and ArchLabs but there are a lot of similarities too.

Arch Linux is a rolling distro, so is ArchLabs. You will get regular updates from ArchLabs.

Highlights of ArchLabs:

  • Minimal desktop environment
  • Easy installation using ABIF
  • Based on Arch Linux.
  • Only a few basic apps pre-installed.
  • Minimal themes
  • Welcome Script to ease installing additional applications Window and Desktop Managers
  • Available WM/DM’s include Openbox, XFCE4, i3, Bspwm, and Awesome
  • Freely switch between panels and docks with ease
  • Return of favourites Conky & Tint2
  • ArchLabs Dark Openbox & GTK3/2 theme is set as the default theme
  • The custom ArchLabs Iconset is the default icon theme
  • ArchLabs Applications and scripts are included
  • Default Applications: Thunar, Termite, Geany, Firefox, Audacious, MPV, Skippy-XD for window management
  • Keyboard driven

2017.12 is our latest release.

In the meantime, download a copy, install and see for yourself….

38 thoughts on “ArchLabs Linux

    1. Archmerge is nothing to do with ArchLabs. Its the creation of a former team member.

      If you want numerous themes and desktops they are the guys to follow. We are keeping to the BunsenLabs theorem of minimal.

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  1. I love Antegros Cinnamon, yet it feels as if Cinnamon will always have that unfinished quirky feel to it. Manjaro is pretty sweet but it not Arch enough for me. So, thought I would try ArchLabs.

    Well done folks! Polybar is the status bar Openbox has always been missing, pure genius for pairing the two together. Thank you for a minimal but incredibly functional and beautiful desktop distro and keeping the Arch speed and simplicity. Good selection of applications.

    I hope you stick to the guns and continue this by the principles that made this the best minimal distro I have ever tried with one of the best, if not best, distros.

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  2. is there a way to convert minimo to regular archlabs 5.0? I miss the conky changer and the conky’s and the tint2 themes.


  3. Archlabs is unique. The i3wm well configured is the its best part. For me and because the workflow I have daily, I left in the past traditional DM and WM like Xfce, even Openbox. I3wm is the hallmark of ArchLabs. Here I recommend it with all my friends. Thank you guys for the magnificent development.

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  4. I’m recently using this distribution of the arch and I’m really liking what I see, I’m using netbook because of openbox, it’s running fine. I had some problems with aur packages that were not installed as yad. After I installed, the conky openbox menu opened (before it was error in trying to open that menu tab). As for rofi I had never seen him before, I found him great, better than the dmenu I have on the manjaro-i3. With al-hello my first impression of the distro was incredible. ArchLabs will be the main distro of my beloved netbook with intel atom, with no plans to change. This is also my first experience with openbox. As for the polybar I got to use on manjaro, I liked the customization.

    ~I used google translate


  5. I have been using Archlabs v5 for a few months and have been absolutely loving it. However, in the last week or so, the screen has been intermittently freezing, becoming completely unresponsive, and requiring a hard restart of the machine. Thinking that this may have been an issue with the Compton compositor, I have installed various Compton forks but have not had any success in resolving the issue.

    Has anyone experienced this came issue lately, and found a solution?



  6. Hi, some question and problems:
    Am i correct that Archlabs is Openbox and i3 integration?
    Is it possible to switch between pure Openbox and Openbox + i3?

    Tried to install on a MacBook Pro but when choosing Archlabs cd, i get quite fast an error:
    ERROR: Failed to mount ‘/dev/loop0’


    sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off
    [rootfs ]#

    Is this a live iso and if yes; Can you help me get it running to test?


  7. I really love this distro, My favorite distro always was crunchbang, and to continue the project like Bunsenlabs was something great, but to be inspired by this one using archlinux as base makes an excellent distro and stays in my computer. Thanks to the developers of this system, since I install it I’m very happy with it 😉 .

    Bunsenlabs is the heart of Archlabs

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  8. You know what, this is what i did with my Arch. But you guys took it to the next level.
    So so beautiful and awesome. Loved it. I flushed my old Arch install and installed minimo, i am happy now , really really happy, thank you guys for bringing my dream OS to life.

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  9. After several years spent using Debian and derivates, I decide to learn something new and so I tried Archlabs with the same satisfaction. Thank you!

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  10. Hello, i have a problem on a fresh install of minimo, :
    -error : archlabs_repo : signature from “Nathaniel Maia” is unknown trust
    -error : archlabs repo non valid
    -error : …etc..
    I can’t install anything…


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