ArchLabs Linux

Our ArchLabs R2-D2 release post can be found here.


ArchLabs Linux is an Arch Linux based distro, heavily influenced and inspired by the look and feel of BunsenLabs.

We are huge fans of BunsenLabs but being Arch users we still wanted the simplicity, stability and up to date packages that Arch brings to the party.

After much discussion, ArchLabs was born.

We have tried to keep the look of BunsenLabs as much as possible in the first months.  As we are based on Arch Linux rather than Debian, there are bound to be subtle differences.  ArchLabs will over time surely evolve and get its own identity and its own look.

As Arch Linux is a rolling distro, so is ArchLabs. You will get regular updates from ArchLabs applications, themes, wallpapers … via AUR packages.


However every version we release will have its own character or soul if you will.


Inside the  ~/.config folder are the many tweaks and configurations of all the applications. What normally takes hours to set up, is now already themed out-of-the-box.

And there lies our difference with other distro’s. We build a system we would like to work on. Installation of the major themes, icons, cursors, applications are all on the iso. Tweaks of all installed applications are applied. No time to waste. Change some icons and themes. A nice conky. A new wallpaper. Done.


Concentrated fun out of the box.

Less frustrations more fun.

We believe the selling points of ArchLabs are :

  • NOT minimal
  • NOT hard to install – graphical installation
  • NO need to read an installation guide
  • based on Arch Linux
  • Arch User Repository has a huge collection of applications
  • complete system with fall-back and redundant applications
  • almost no need to install extra applications
  • very theme-able – every aspect
  • after-service  > 70+ articles
  • after-service > 135+ youtube tutorials
  • not your regular desktop environment – openbox – intriguing
  • extra desktop environment – i3wm

Download a copy, install and see for yourself….