Release of ArchLabs 3.4

Easter Holidays are almost here but more importantly so is a new release of ArchLabs.

Erik, Toola and Raj have been at it now for the last few weeks, tweaking, improving, fine tuning AL to bring you all this release.


As per usual we have a few notes to add to the release, see below:

Calamares (top left ArchLabs icon) is the graphical installer we use to easily go through the installation process. It will take some 20 seconds before the installation screens are there.  Please be patient. We will investigate if we can decrease time.

As with the last release, if for some reason you don’t want to use Calamares installer you can still access the Architect installer. Use the following commands in Termite:

sudo /abif-master/abif

There is no passwords so just hit enter.

Download links are here, under downloads.

And from Sourceforge:

Sourceforge Download

As Arch is rolling, so is ArchLabs, so multiple releases aren’t necessary. We might consider a monthly release when everything becomes more defined.

Of course we are open to suggestions, if there is something you want added or changed let us know so we can take it into consideration.

Once installed on a hard disk or an SSD and you wish to remove the Virtual Kernel Modules, open Termite and execute the following:

sudo pacman -Rns virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-modules-arch
sudo rm /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf

If you use the ABIF installer, the installer icon will need to be removed from tint2, which you can do in tint2conf or by editing the tint2 with tint2zen.

If for any reason you have any issues, please post in the forum. One post per issue/bug.
It is a work in progress. Help us make it better by getting in touch with us.

We can’t help you if you choose to enable the Testing Repos. We hope you understand.

Enjoy this release

The Development Team


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