The release of ArchLabs 4.0

ArchLabs 4 is here at last. 

Are you ready?


Brett, Erik, Hari and I (Matt) are super excited to present ArchLabs +4.  We released a test release (ArchLabs 3.4.0) back on the 7th of April to show off what we had achieved since +3 and so far we have received such positive feedback.  It’s really an uplifting feeling to be so widely appreciated.  Since then we have been working hard on bringing the next release to the Linux community.

As today is the one year anniversary of BunsenLabs first release we thought that it would be a fitting tribute to release +4. Happy 1st Birthday BunsenLabs.


We have kept the default look that we all love from BunsenLabs but have added a fair few new themes and icon themes as well as our own repository.  The polishing and fine tuning has been a priority and will continue to be. 107 commits were made over the last few months and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been a number of extra keybinds added (check out the Display Keybinds in the menu to see them all), the tiling keybinds are especially cool.  Papirus, Sardi, Moka, Faba and Numix-Circle Icons have been added to the list of icon themes.

A few nice touches to compton have been added, there are some nice slight transparencies happening.

All terminals have now an awesome cool design. Termite being the standard. Adding terminator.

Erik’s epic Arc Theme Colora script has been unleashed on the Arc themes to create 9 new custom themes.  Also the menu has been tidied up and obmenu-generator has been added for those of you who want to add icons etc to your menu.

All the conky configs have been updated to the latest syntax by Hari,  and we have added some more logo’s for you to use.

You can use plank as extra menu and have many great themes with it.

We have added a folder scripts to your openbox folder for your convenience. Getting the latest kernel, removing virtualbox applications if on SSD and changing hard-coded icons.

One major difference to BL (other than the Arch base of course) is that we have done away with al-exit in preference of oblogout.  This is a personal preference of the AL boys over al-exit.

All of these changes and enhancements have contributed to a pretty sweet release.  If you are interested in viewing all the changes, you can view the change-log here:

ArchLabs +4 Changelog @ GitHub


Be advised : We are still having a long boot time for the live session only and for the first boot after install.  Also opening anything as root for the first time has a bit of an extended wait but any following instances are instant.

Once you have opened a root instance and had a reboot everything is like greased lightning. .

How to install Archlabs

We have two options to install Archlabs :

  1. Calamares (starts straight away)
  2. Architect installer

Option 1 :

Our installer (Calamares) starts straight away in the live session now, if you want to play around in the live session just minimise the Calamares window.  When you are ready to install, just maximise the window and start off from where you left.

If you happen to close the Calamares window, due to an issue with Calamares, you are going to have to do one of two things.

Solution one:

Open a terminal and kill Calamares with:

“sudo killall clamares” and restart Calamares

Solution two:

Reboot the live session altogether.

Option 2 :

If you would prefer to use the Architect Installer, open a terminal use the following:

sudo /abif-master/abif

Once installed on your HDD or SSD and you wish to remove the Virtual Kernel Modules, open your terminal and execute the following

sudo pacman -Rns virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-modules-arch
sudo rm /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf

or you can use the scripts in your folder


If you used the Architect installer, the installer icon will need to be removed from tint2, which you can do in tint2conf or by editing the tint2 with tint2zen or your favourite editor.

If, for any reason you have any issues, please post in the forum. One post per issue/bug please.

ArchLabs Linux Forum


We are working to make ArchLabs +5 the most perfect release we can, some of the things on the To-Do list are:

~Decreasing initial boot times for live session
~Decreasing wait times for first use of sudo/root
~More custom wallpapers (Karl Schneider and Duncan Pringle, I’m looking at you)
~Additional custom Conky configs
~We hope to implement ArchLabs as a rolling release distribution.
~Trim down ISO size
~Implement a Welcome Script/Welcome Screen similar to the BL-welcome script

Our roadmap is here.  We will soon be adding more of our plans and intentions.  Check back in a few weeks to see what we have in store.


The webpage has a gallery section added.  Here we will update with our favourite customized ArchLabs screenshots to show off what can be achieved with Openbox, we suggest you have a spare pair of underpants handy.

Team changes

We had a bit of a team change in the last few weeks with the departure of Rajat.  We are grateful for his input and wish him luck.

Our friend Jody has asked to be removed as an “official” team member, but since he was so vital to the beginning and creation of ArchLabs we have left him at the webpage as a tribute to his positive attitude and his ultra helpful attitude.  It means a lot when another Dev can put aside development on their own work to help.

Any issues, contact either Brett, Erik or Matt (myself) rather than Jody as he is insanely busy with his own distribution, OBrevenge.

So at the moment it is just the three four Musketeers: Brett, Erik, Hari and myself (Matt).


ArchLabs is a work in progress. Help us make it better by getting in touch with us, all feedback is welcome, good or bad.  If you feel you can contribute and would like to join the team, contact us either via the webpage, Google+ or at the forum.

Get in touch with us.


As usual you can download ArchLabs +4 from our Sourceforge page:

Get your ArchLabs here!

Thank you

As always thank you to BunsenLabs for creating the distro that inspired ArchLabs.  Thanks for checking out AL+4 and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Of course, a mighty “Thank you” to our users and our betatesters!  ArchLabs has always been putting out something that we would use ourselves and to see the positive reception and the support makes it all worth while!

See you all around at Google+ or the forum, we all look forward to seeing your screenshots and reading your feedback.

#archlabs, what did you expect?



4 thoughts on “The release of ArchLabs 4.0

Add yours

  1. The dream os!!! Everything is what I want.

    I will install it right now!!!

    I’m a docker addict, using macbook pro under linux. Good luck to me.


      1. I change to gnome based archlinux. It’s not archlinux’s fault, it’s xfce and openbox’s problem.

        HiDPI is not well supported by them, although I can hack something, but it’s not perfect.

        But archlinux is beautiful, and I learned something from it.

        I hope you can take HiDPI seriously.


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