About ARCHLabs

ARCHLabs is a Linux distribution (distro) created by two guys with a love of BunsenLabs and Arch Linux.

We loved Crunchbang #! back in the day and we were disappointed when it came to an end but when it was taken over and BunsenLabs came to the fore, it was a great day for the Crunchbang #! community.

We wanted to take the look of BunsenLabs and put it on top of Arch Linux as it has more up-to-date packages, speed, simplicity, Pacman and of course the Arch User Repository (AUR).

Most importantly for us, it is a rolling release, so you just keep on updating and no longer have to do a total reinstall or distro upgrade. You install it once and continue on your way.

Now, after months of work, late nights and a heap of coffee (!) we have finally arrived at our destination and couldn’t be prouder.

The ARCHLabs Boys


I’m Matt, sometimes known as Dobbie.

I love Metal, Beer and Linux. In that order.

I’m a man of few words, as you can see.


I’m Brett, but you can call me Toola

I love Music, My Ukulele, Jim Beam and Linux

My wife, my kids and I can talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles!!


Hey, I’m Jody.

I am a husband, father, and Linux geek, in that order.

The best things in life are free (and open source).


I’m Hari, but mostly known as Postmaster on teh interwebs.

I love metal, beer, moar metal, procrastinating & even moar metal dammit!

Still learning my way around Linux.


Erik’s motto is living to learn and learning to live. He has a passion for anything Linux and likes to share his knowledge via tutorials.


My name is Rajat and I am known as Osgyan on GitHub.

I make my living off of proprietary tech. However I live my life using Free and Open

Source!  Virtualization and Cloud are my two primary constituents.